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The art of telling a story!

Everyone loves stories. From a little child to an adult, one form of entertainment that transcends all kinds of barriers, are stories. They have the power to grab the attention like nothing else. People feel better connected when they hear a story.

And you know what are the most important stories we need to hear today? It is the one about our food!

In the world of the food supply chain, we use ‘Traceability’ to tell these stories. It is the ability to track any food through all stages of production, processing and distribution (including import and at retail). It is the ability to trace the history, application or location of an object. 

Today food safety has become a major concern among the population. People are looking into clean and organic food and businesses are also trying today to fulfill such demand of the customers. To enable food processing businesses, to substantiate food safety claims, it is not only important to track products up to consumers but also the traceability system should extend to facilitate identification of all food inputs, such as raw materials, additives, other ingredients, packaging etc.

This is a tool for transparency, which we at CIED understand the importance of. When a customer gets to walk through the whole journey of the product they are consuming, when they get to know what all goes behind that product to be reached to them, the sense of trust and satisfaction of having that product becomes two-fold. 

This is actually more than a crisis-resolution medium. The data that is collected through traceability facilitates organizations to control and monitor their supply chain. 

We at CIED bring forth the ability of businesses to produce product lines that are 100% digitized and efficient than the existing system of supply chain. In order to put forward the much needed story in the perfect manner – a digital system that first helps to organize the data and then helps calculate the potential risks with the supply chain members. Next it enables a fast certification procedure, following an even faster movement of goods with transparency and impact claims till the delivery, just like the customer expects.

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Kasturi Singh
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