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About CIED Group
CIED is an AgTech company that builds web, mobile, AI, and blockchain-based applications practical for agri-food supply chains to ensure transparency, trust, and fair ownership. Our team comprises 55+ dedicated members working full-time in India and the Netherlands.
Our Founding
CIED BV, a Dutch company from the Brightlands Techruption program was founded by Akash Mathew (Co-Founder & CEO) and Sudeesh Narayanan (Co-Founder & VP of Technology) in 2017. Both entrepreneurs have extensive experience in entrepreneurship in India, from establishing & running their first company CIED Technologies, in 2011 and their second company CIED Labs, in 2014. CIED BV is funded by Brightlands, Limburg Business Development Fund & Rabobank.
CIED Technologies operates in India as the outsourcing partner of CIED BV under the leadership of Anto Varghese (COO) and Sankaran Namboodiri (CTO), which also provides custom software development services. The company has nine investors, and the software services division is bootstrapped with revenues from its clients across Europe, Asia, and Oceania.
Our Vision & Mission
To be a global leader in product development with a 100-plus product portfolio by 2025.
Our mission is to guarantee the transparency of food with a promise to drive disruptive innovations through rapid technological developments at practical costs to protect all aspects of food safety and health.
Our Goal
By focusing on our current strategies for development, we are planning to:
  • Successfully implement an algorithm to predict how much we can trust a certified product
  • Boost product sales by expanding the sales team
  • Acquire more direct clients
Story of CIED
Team members
We hold integrity as our core value. Under the firm foundation of integrity, behaviors like
captaincy, collaboration, consideration, and ownership are applauded.
Akash Mathew
Co-founder & CEO
Sudeesh Narayanan
Co-founder & VP of Technology
Anto Varghese
Sankaran Namboodiri
Our Partners
We partner with:
Standards in order to collaborate with CBs they work with and help them manage their data internally using the digital system. In addition, we help standards to build risk profiles of different CBs via audit reports and other relevant data.
Certification Bodies in order to work with manufacturers or brands they work with, and help them simplify certification processes using the digital system. Based on inspection reports or transaction certificates, we help CBs to build risk profiles of different actors they work with.
NGOs in order to help them achieve their sustainable practices and goals by implementing a digital traceability system.
EdTech EdTech in order to collaborate with schools to facilitate learning, raise funds for students, let them explore the world, and bring about behavioral change among these young people.