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Your farm to fork ESG management tool

Supply Chain traceability Software

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We are here to help you effectively supply chain traceability software and esg compliance management in your supply chains. Our digital system connects with every member in your chain, and our consultancy services help you with on-ground implementation & strategy.
How can we Help?
Easily organise your certification data & reduce costs
Control sharing of data within the international supply chain
Secure transactions on public or private blockchains
Easily integrate your ERP systems via our APIs
Easily select and switch between suppliers during a crisis
Customise to meet your company's unique workflows
We made it practical for
Helping them right from initial strategic discussions to final implementations
Consulting for ESG compliance management in supply chain
Customising our software to meet unique client needs
Analysing & integrating with existing software used in the supply chain
Scaling up data collection & implementing data lakes
We have one of the best user experience and user interface designs in the market

Know the capabilities of our end to end traceability tool

Technology we rely on for supply chain management ensures sustainability and food safety and is compatible with IoT devices in order to provide accurate data collection.

  • Our blockchain applications bring transparency & trust to food supply chains.

  • Our quality assurance tools include user-friendly web & mobile applications for auditing and data collection.

  • Includes a standard backend dashboard for data entry and a custom-designed customer-facing brand website to showcase traceability data.

  • Integration with IoT devices to ensure reliable data collection.

  • Auditing and Q&A apps for ensuring sustainability & food safety
Questions ?
We have answers

Our customers are marketing leaders of companies, and what they hate most is that despite all the great marketing and excellent packaging, their product does not seem to fly off the shelf. They either use outdated marketing tactics or cannot build trust among their consumers. Consumers are confused about choosing the right product due to daily food fraud news. With CIED's Blockchain based Supply Chain Traceability Software System, you can create a farm-to-fork story for your consumers and let them see the amount of effort and transparency you've put into bringing it to their doorstep. Moreover, the consumers are getting the right to check the claims put on the label for the amount they spend.

Traceability involves recording and linking the production, processing, and distribution of food items and ingredients. The ability to trace components bi-directionally across the supply chain not only saves money on recalls and tainted products but also boosts consumer trust in your brand and improves your company's image.

We provide two types of verifications: transaction verification and claim verification. Transaction verifications are related to each transaction, such as incoming and outgoing stocks and processing. Claim verification is checking whether the submitted claims meet the criteria mentioned. The verifier added by the admin verifies all claims and transactions by scrutinizing the documents.

If your transactions don't meet the criteria for acknowledgment claim, then a reverse transaction will occur and can witness corresponding changes on the world map.

Our blockchain based traceability software's platform helps you manage all your transactions, connections, products, stock exchange, and verification of claims at your fingertips. We can ensure your credibility from all respective sources.
Interested in finding out more?
Interested in finding out more?